Mission R3BORN. Are you ready?


Our founders felt that it was time for change. How do we deal with the changing environment? How do we create a society where everyone can live in peace of mind and how we keep planet earth a healthy planet?

Soon you realize that a circular economy is the solution. A society that indexes resources. With these resources we make creations, which we use for our daily needs and recycle them after.

If we have to live in a new way on the planet where we live to keep the planet healthy you can call it a rebirth. So R3BORN arose.

Create, Use, Recycle.

With just the realization about what we need to do for a healthy society and thus healthy planet we are not there yet. To achieve a circular economy, we must work hard. But not only that, we need your help. We definitely can’t do it alone.

We realize that we live in an economic system. So if we want to be a healthy organization, we need to be financially healthy. So how do you get a financially healthy organization? Simply by running succesful commercial activities. But not just commercially profitable but profitable for our society as well, in line with our mission.

This is how came to live. Our first step forward. An online store where people can buy products that are refurbished. One step closer to a circulair economy. Although our plans are way ahead, we realize is just our first step and we need to slowly work forward, together.

Besides a financially healthy organization that sells refurbished products we want to do more at the same time. We came up with an idea to achieve our mission faster. Why not actively contribute? Actively cooperate with an organization that stands for sustainability and a better life for all people.

Triodos Foundation

Actively contribute, from this thought arose our cooperation with the Triodos Foundation. A foundation that collects money since 1971 and distributes it to sustainable projects. We don’t want to just donate money. We want to cooperate, think ourselves for solutions and want you to bring up ideas as well. We want to work together. Together we are strong.

Now we have created a situation where you as a consumer can buy a refurbished product that is recycled, a part of our sales revenue is collected in order to realize great sustainable projects in cooperation with the Triodos Foundation. And this is how we work together towards and to realize a circular society, mission R3BORN.

What are we going to do?

You may ask, what projects? Some of these projects you will define yourself. We hope to receive as many responses as possible via social media, email, visits and more to get clear what you want and think what we can do better. We have thought of different projects from electric charging stations up to planting trees which we will explain in the near future.

Part of the challenge will be to collect more money. Think of collaborations with other companies and famous people who may be in financial terms or in any other way willing to work together to achieve a circular economy.

While our hearts go out to all the people on the planet we can not help everyone immediately, and we also do not believe that per example sending money to poor countries is the best way to help.

We must above all realize that the living conditions that we experience are the result of the global society that we have created. A circular society creates the solution for a pleasant life for all people. Simply think of our basic needs, food. In a circular society resources are indexed and the number of mouths are known so we could just automate the proces to feed everyones mouth. Everyone happy.

So above all we want to focus on contributing to and realizing a circular society. So green sustainable power solutions will continue being interesting to us, self-sustaining houses, electric and autonomous transportation, from ownership to usership, new ways of nutrition and much more.

Want to help?

Would you like to participate as a volunteer? Want to donate? Are you a company and see opportunities for cooperation? Do you have good ideas on how we can use the collected money? Or something entirely else? Please let us know!

I'm ready.